Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Music in Prague

The home of Don Giovanni
Was a favorite for Mozart
Where his great opera premiered,
But his ghost takes holiday,
So the singers and artists
Make smaller events happen
In a baroque church chancel,
An art deco basement hall,
Or even a castle moat.

The crowds are not crowds at all,
But our appreciation
Gets them back for an encore:
A Jazz version of Brahms
With a mezzo soprano
Who sings scat like she's on fire
Dressed in a little black dress
With a quartet backing up
An improv out of heaven.

God only likes live music,
She does not own a player;
Resemblance is never real
And digital perfection
Is only a goal of Satan,
For the Lord sings and dances
And calls us to do the same
Not sitting on our asses
But list'ning live or sitting in.

Note: Prague is a marvelous old city.
The concerts we've enjoyed are wonderful
but lightly attended. Friend Doug once
observed that too few people go out to the
local scene. When we get back, forget
cable and Facebook. Live is better.


  1. Live music is awesome. Jack and I are enjoying "Music on Main Street" in downtown Clinton every Friday night from 7 to 9 pm. Arturo, a jazz guitarist, Rich, a jazz trumpet, and a torch singer (usually Kantara) sing every other other Friday, so we bring our lawn chairs and just enjoy the music. Lots of great live music to enjoy when you get back to Jersey!

  2. We will be sure to place these date nights first on our priority coming back. Heard about some unkempt bars in Bethlehem that get stellar blues acts in.