Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Four Thousand Colors

Heat and fire and silica, soda and lime
Combine like alchemy in Waldsassen.
They color with the sun here in Bavaria.

Decades of practiced hands and mouths
Turn molten glass into sheets of beauty.
Four thousand colors are born in their furnace.

Across day and night the kilns are tended,
Loaded and churned until the blend is achieved.
Everyone has their duty in this peculiar art.

Twirling out melt on hollow rods, they sling them
To others who blow out sheer cylinders of grace.
Industrial ballet in gauntlets and boots.

Each piece is a human project in glass
The extension of sweat, intention, skill and more sweat.
Unreproducible, irreplaceable, unique.

They color with the sun at Lambert's.


  1. I can only imagine how beautiful the glass and the art of blowing glass must be. Seeing all this beautiful glass must be a magical place. What a great experience!

  2. I will wait to compare the beauty of the cornfields as we head west tomorrow. Reading zen as I find it keeps me in the day by day mode for now. Girls are well and I am searching praying and speaking with the Heavens daily.
    We are returning on august 4th. Sharon

    1. We keep you all in our hearts this whole journey. I so wish the journey you were on was different but you are not alone. Ever. P